LCG Racing Conversion Kit For Yokomo BD10



LCG Racing SFX Conversion Kit For Yokomo BD10

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Product Description

LCG Racing's SFX Conversion Kit for the Yokomo BD10 comprises a new lightweight motor mount and symmetrical top deck design, which allows the use of the same top decks for both front and rear. This increases the options as well as ease of use.

The rigid motor mount, which includes mounting for the battery stoppers, minimizes longitudinal flex and makes the car more direct at corner entry and exit while increasing cornerspeed.

By having a symmetrical flex design the car is more consistent and easier to drive, while the increased options help to adjust and fine-tune the car‘s setup to almost any track conditions and driving style.

Furthermore, the SFX conversion provides easier swapping of the top decks and better access to the pinion gear. The motor mount design allows the use of large pinion gears, as well as modified compatibility. It is a direct fit to the Yokomo BD10. 

Conversion kit includes

1. Motor mount #SFXY-MM

2. Narrow top deck #SFXY-TDN 

3. Top deck Screw #SFXY-TDS

4. 1mm aluminium washers #LCG-M3-1


1. Wide top deck #SFXY-TDW

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