You will next need to consider whether you would like your RC car to be one that runs on a flat surface, like an F1 type car, or be able to take jumps and run on dirt, grass etc.

In general, RC cars that run on flat surfaces like asphalt car parks, sports halls etc are termed onroad cars. Onroad cars will resemble cars that we normally see on the road, like saloon cars, GT cars, F1 cars etc. Onroad cars come in 4WD or 2WD (front-wheel or rear-wheel drive) configuration.

Offroad RC cars include buggies, short-course trucks and stadium trucks that feature large wheels and higher ground clearance. This allows them to clear obstacles and undulation in the running surface. Like onroad cars, offroad cars also offer 4WD and 2WD configurations.

Toys or Hobby-Grade Cars ?

Self-Build or

Ready-to-Run Kits ?

Electric or Nitro-Powered ?

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